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Welcome to the Church of England's online parish return system.

The system is designed to improve the way in which the Church collects annual parish statistical and financial data. Parish representatives are now able to enter the 'Return for Parish Finance' and 'Statistics for Mission' forms for January to December 2015 via the internet. This can be done using either a computer within your parish office, at home or in a library using a unique login and password managed by your parish representative.

When entering the data, a certain amount of verification will be operating which will query any values which are clearly outside what might normally be expected.  It will also check your adding up, which will help give you confidence that the figures submitted are reasonable.  Furthermore the system will produce a report giving you instant feedback on how the church's data has changed over the last ten years.  These reports will be available to treasurers and others to use in presentations at church meetings and hopefully will help bring to life what is currently a rather sterile exercise.  If successful the system will be expanded to allow other data to be collected in time, but the emphasis at present is the capture of this key data.

Once submitted the data will be available to the diocese for validation and will be automatically included in the national statistics without the need for further data entry down the line.

If you wish, you can download a PDF version of the paper returns as well as the accompanying notes using the links below